Protection and reliability.
Standardized life guard.


Safety lighting assists in emergency situations to leave the place quickly an orderly, to find firefighting systems and safety deposits and to avoid panic. Light gives emotional support in the darkness and can save lives. From individual battery luminaires to group and central battery systems, a large number of solutions are available from LKD.

Dialog Vertriebs GmbH
Year 2015/2016

Scope of performance
  • Central battery system for emergency lighting
  • 178 escape signs
  • 119 emergency lights
  • including individual light monitoring + free programmability from the control center
  • Characteristic features

    Technical data head office:

    – Central battery system for safety lighting (in ist own operating room)
    – Controller with individual light monitoring
    – 28 circuits freely programmable (max. 20 lights per circuit)
    – Switching device 5 kW
    – Charger up to 5A charging current
    – Battery system with 18 pcs. 17 Ah -12V (total 108 cells – 216 VDC)

    Elektro Markl Anlagentechnik GmbH
    Year 2012-2014

    Scope of performance
  • 255 escape sign luminaires
  • 139 safety lights
  • 6 x LED handrails
  • including switching and monitoring module
  • Central battery system for emergency lighting
  • Characteristic features

    Data Rotes Kreuz Salzburg:

    – Founded: 1906.
    – New regional headquarters: 1995 – 1996.
    – Reconstruction and expansion of the country headquarters: 2013 – 2014.
    – Personnel strength: 500 volunteers; 46 full-time employees (Paramedics, emergency paramedics); 85 community service providers.

    The executing electrical company commissioned LKD GmbH (based in Salzburg,
    Münchner Bundesstraße 144) with the planning, conception and then with the
    Material supply for the COMPLETE SAFETY LIGHTING SYSTEM for the Construction project ROTES KREUZ – Landeszentrale Salzburg, Sterneckstraße 32.

    in the field: Security