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Lighting in the
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With the correct use of lighting and the ideal solution for the overall new you can change the look an fell to the better. Simultaneously you can increase the safety for road users and lower your operating costs. The Team of LKD supports you with the choice of the right light to save energy and lower your operation costs. As a reliable partner, we can also offer financing concepts tailored to your requirements. That way we are able to illuminate roundabouts, underpasses, pedestrian ways, stadiums and cycle paths with an combination of safety, efficiency and style.

architecture office Raum & Bau GmbH
Year 2019

Scope of performance
  • 650 pcs. LED Puck SNAP in special version (light color 3000k | vertical asymmetrical light distribution | for flat handrails
  • Special version: LED Puck SNAP for temporary flooding situations
  • Characteristic features

    The special requirements of this project were to realize the increased protection class of the LED Puck SNAP against temporary flooding, in combination with a standard-compliant and at the same time architectural lighting.

    Through the close cooperation of all project participants, these requirements could be realized and the LED Puck SNAP became part of one of the most modern museums in Europe.

    • Lighting planning in close coordination with the leading technical office by LKD GmbH
    • SNAP assembly technology
    • Standard-compliant lighting of the paths as general and emergency lighting
    • dynamic light control of the LED puck, in sync with the multimedia displays in the museum


    All project information and you can find here:


    Festung Dresden

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the LKD team!

    Local community Koppl
    Year 2018 / 2019

    Scope of performance
  • 27 pieces Comboseal high bay light - Thorlux - 147W, 4000K, IP66, with SmartScan module
  • 4 pieces explosion zone 2.22 luminaires BASEL LED m1500, 5240lm, PC Tropal® - NORKA
  • 11 pieces of Thorproof tub light - Thorlux - 36W, 4000K, IP54, with SmartScan module
  • 14 pieces of outdoor light STARFLOOD - Thorlux - 40W, 4000K, IP66, with SmartScan module
  • 17 pieces of single battery safety & escape sign luminaires from LKD including suspension material and accessories
  • Characteristic features
    • Execution planning and local construction supervision: Baumeister Ing. Manfred Eibl GmbH
    • E-installations: Elektro Rinnerthaler
    • Programming: Hannes Moser from LKD in December
    • The lights are equipped with a daylight and presence detector and each work independently
    • At the customer’s request, the light output of the lights was set to 300lx, measured on the floor.
    • If the hall light was operated at 100% (147W), 480lx would be reached on the floor.
    • Based on these values, the high bay luminaire currently has a system output of approx. 75% of the actual total output.




     Customer, operator and also the local population are very happy with the system powered by LKD!



    Ramboll Finnland Oy
    Year 2017

    Scope of performance
  • LED Puck
  • Characteristic features
    • Project name: Shopping Mall AINOA
    • Location: Tapiola, Espoo
    • Lighting designer: Ramboll Finland Oy
    • Architect: Arkkitehtitoimisto Sarc Oy
    • Year: 2017

    Magistrate of the city of Salzburg
    Year 2019

    Scope of performance
  • 18m handrail, burnished with SNAP PUCK LED
  • 15 pieces of lights - 1.4W with 3000K warm white
  • Characteristic features
    • BVH: Monikapforte am Mönchsberg – old town in Salzburg
    • RPM 15lx at the stair appearance according to customer specifications
    • Light point distance: 1.17m
    • DALI dimmable

    Steiner Bau
    Year 2018-2019

    Scope of performance
  • 78 pieces of SNAP handrail lights by Planet / LKD
  • Characteristic features
    • Handrail on both sides with 39 SNAP lights each
    • Area to be illuminated: Walking & cycling path with a width of 1.8m
    • Illuminance according to ÖNORM 20lx on the floor
    • Light point distance: 1.7m
    • Luminaire: SNAP / 1.4W / 500mA / 168lm / 3000K
    • Calculated and installed by LKD – Licht Kommunal Digital

    Local Community Henndorf
    Year 2019

    Scope of performance
  • Luminaire Kanby Pro 43W by #Thorlux
  • Characteristic features

    Previously, 9 x 2x58W fluorescent lamp boxes were installed with a total output of approx. 1300W / h.

    The new Kanby Pro lights 43W have been repositioned according to the light calculation #LKD and have a total output of: 384W / h !!!

    These lights are also equipped with a SmartScan sensor.


    This sensor is a motion detector and daylight sensor in one.

    Local community Koppl
    Year 2018

    Characteristic features



    • 15 light points with an LED output of 70W each
    • DALI control unit for individual switch-on and switch-off times


    Local Community Bergheim/Salzburg
    Year 2017

    Scope of performance
  • 10 pieces LED PUCK "HLS-ST-TW-CF-WW" 1.5W and 29m NIRO handrail for wall mounting
  • Characteristic features
    • Illumination of walkways and cycle paths in accordance with standards
    • Handrail lights
    • Can be used in round and square stainless steel profiles
    • 3000K, 4000K & 5000K light colors
    • Power: 1.5W
    • Broad distribution from wide to asymmetrical

    in the field: Lighting in the
    public space