Sustainability and productivity.
Low maintenance lighting.


Sustainable industrial lighting is an essential part of a productive working process. Security plays a central role as well as maintenance and cost savings. LKD offers low-maintenance and long-lasting luminaires for the most demanding requirements. Luminaires at highest quality standard for all needs. Our lighting solutions are environmental friendly, fulfill all relevant standards and ensure efficient and safe working in a positive environment.

Carpentry Brander-Stabauer
Year 2019 / 2020

Scope of performance
  • 36 pieces NORKA light PL 4000 - m1500, 5800lm, PC Tropal®, 51W, shatterproof
  • 2 pieces NORKA luminaire BASEL LED - m1500, 5240lm, PC Tropal®, 37W, explosion-proof for the painting chamber (ZONE 2.22)
  • Characteristic features
    • Light calculation and planning: Hannes Moser (LKD)
    • Customer request: conversion to LED, better light in the areas of the workshop, painting chamber as well as in the trimming areas for the circular saws and for the quality control frying machine
    • A standard value according to ÖNORM of 750lx at a height of 75cm can be achieved at a carpentry workshop
    • With the PL4000 from NORKA and with the correct positioning according to the light calculation by LKD, the values ​​have now been achieved very well


    We thank you for your trust and wish the team of the Tischlerei Brandner – Stabauer an accident-free work and good luck for the future!

    Year 2020

    Scope of performance
  • 27x ERFURT LED HO m1500 - 26,200lm from NORKA -> work lighting
  • 9x ERFURT LED HO m1500 - 13,100lm from NORKA wall crown -> sidewalk lighting
  • ZUG LED m600 - 2,800lm from NORKA transition -> sidewalk lighting
  • KERIS 2 - 15600lm from ECLATEC -> water lighting
  • Characteristic features
    – Light calculation and planning: Michael Fellner (LKD)
    – Customer request: lighting of the dam crest and the inflowing water for revision work, storm operations, clearing of flotsam and disaster operations
    Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us!

    Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH
    Year 2018

    Scope of performance
  • Light level of 500 lux (can be changed if necessary)
  • Solow LED
  • Characteristic features
    • The required light level of 500 lux is kept constant by the daylight sensor, but this can be changed at any time if required (max. Illuminance ~ 750lx).
    • The new solution (252W per light point) requires only around half the energy compared to the old lighting installation (465W per light point). The savings can be significantly increased by daylight and presence control.

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