Due to technical perfection and innovative ideas, the German manufacturer WIBRE has turned creative lighting solutions into its trade. LKD GmbH is the exclusive sales partner of WIBRE and is responsible for building up the market throughout Austria.

WIBRE was founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Breuninger in Mecklenburg. WIBRE initially produced household electrical appliances. Whether kettle, immersion heater, toaster, soldering iron and hair dryer – even then WIBRE stood for technical perfection and creative innovation.

In 1953 the company moved from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Baden-W├╝rttemberg. And at the same time as the change of location, the foundation stone was laid for the manufacture of lighting technology: the first fountain spotlight and various spotlights for shop window lighting left the production line. However, what did not change was the passion and perfection for manufactoring the products.

And quality matters! This has finally proven their constant growth. With 50 employees in the main company in Leingarten and numerous other domestic and foreign representations, WIBRE offers a lighting program that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether lighting swimming pools, fountains, water features, bridges, parks, buildings and facades, or professional lighting design outdoors or under water – as a manufacturer of outdoor and underwater lights made of V4A stainless steel with protection class IP67 and IP68, WIBRE is an international leader today.

More information on ww.wibre.de