JLC Tech

JLC-Tech was founded in 2012 in Pembroke, MA, USA with the idea of ​​developing an innovative LED lighting solution. The family-owned company currently employs 25 people at its headquarter near Boston.

The company JLC-Tech is a lateral thinker in the design of its products, which develops new, innovative lighting solutions. The design process for new LED products is based on a very simple idea: the integration of the LED light into the existing ceiling structure of a system ceiling.

The T-Bar LED Smartlight luminaire was born from this idea – a minimalist, linear luminaire that – instead of a 625mm or 1250mm mounting rail – can be integrated into the ceiling system. The luminaire becomes part of the ceiling system and thereby reduces the consumption of building materials and contributes energy savings through modern lighting technology.

The design of the T-Bar LED Smartlight is primarily based on the very effective heat management of the luminaire. The patented heat management (US Patent No. 8,177,385) guarantees a long and reliable service life of the lamp. The use of the T-Bar LED lights saves energy and effectively reduces installation costs and the consumption of building materials.

The T-Bar LED Smartlight is a step into the future. It changes the way we illuminate buildings and saves energy. Good lighting is so important.

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