Office Building Technopolis/Aviapolis Helsinki-Vantaa


Dear LKD Partners!

We are happy to present you another realized project
with T-Bar fittings in Europe.  

Our Finnish partner KT Interior was able to realize the Technopolis/Aviapolis project with T-Bar fittings in Helsinki-Vaanta. Technopolis is one of the leading companies for office space rental in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics.

Technopolis/Aviapolis Helsinki-Vaanta is located close to the Helsinki-Vaanta airport and offers companies a modern and professional place for their
Company Ramböll selected the T-Bar fitting for the entrance area of this building to highlight the modern look and combine it with an innovative lighting solution.
The layout shows the flexibility of the T-Bar system and underlines the multiple option how to install the fitting.

Modern LED technique allows an integration of the product into the ceiling structure and fits perfectly to this LEED certified building.

Product: T-Bar Microprismatic screen, 600mm and 1200mm, 4000k
Light and E-plan: Ramböll Helsinki Architect: L-Arkkitehdit
Place: Helsinki-Vaanta – Technopolis / Aviapolis 

LKD GmbH has been the European sales partner for T-Bar products
since 2017 from JLC Tech. If you also need great planning for your project,
contact the lighting specialists of the LKD team at any time.
We are at your disposal for further information and look forward to hearing from you.

Lars Engelhard –