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Good lighting improves a room, but great lighting makes it

This especially proves true when an outdated space needs to be transformed into something entirely new. And this is exactly what the Houston International Airport, Terminal C needed for its latest transformation.

The goal of the project was to modernize an existing space that embodied United’s brand and identity while providing a pleasant experience for travelers.
The lighting played a vital role in creating this atmosphere. The real challenge was integrating light fixtures into a special ceiling system; the client did not want to mount anything within the ceiling panels.

With JLC-Tech’s building-integrated LED lighting product the T-BAR LED™, HLB Lighting Design was able to accomplish their client’s goal. The T-BAR LED is the only low voltage linear lighting fixture designed, approved and patented to replace the cross members in a suspended ceiling system.
Because it integrates directly into the ceiling grid becoming a certified part of the ceiling assembly, the T-BAR LED reduces installation costs, resolves plenum space issues, and minimizes construction waste.
No standard ceiling tiles need to be cut when installing the T-BAR LED.
Therefore, the uninterrupted ceiling panels create a uniform design, optimizing sound absorption and light reflection. Lighting layouts are easy and flexible, resulting in even illumination and the ability to achieve the desired foot candles.

When all was complete, the concourse was transformed into a sleek and modern environment consistent with United’s brand and inviting to travelers.

Project Information

George Bush Intercontinental Airport United Terminal C, North Concourse – Houston, TX
Awarded 2018 Excellence for Lighting Design, IES Merit – LA Section and IES National Merit 

Lead lighting designers: 
Tina Aghassian, Clifton Manahan, Derek Bauer and Adam Levine

HLB Lighting Design Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville 

Application: Transportation  

Total square meters: 
5.300 m²  

Average lux level achieved: 
215lx at floor

“Designed with the intent of establishing Houston International Airport as the premiere travel hub in the state of Texas, the United Airlines Terminal represents a departure from the ordinary and the launch of a new aesthetic.” – HLB Lighting Design

LKD GmbH has been the European sales partner for T-Bar products since 2017 from JLC Tech.
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