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Light years ahead


with tradition

Advices and conception from our Experts.
IT based planning and light calculation.
Quality products from international manufacturers.
Planning, implementation and maintenance sourced by one supplier.
Long-term availability of spare parts.
custom-made solutions.
High durability of our products.

The focus of
our services


LKD has an experience history of more than 40 years in the Austrian market and supports you gladly with the design of your new lighting project.

It is important to see the basic concept already in the beginning to get the right milestones and the final solution with the right lighting scene.

Our Technicians can advise you from the determination of your needs, the planning of your project as well as with an 3D concept for your object.


A professional planning according to the currently valid standards for exterior and interior lighting is the base of every modern lighting solution.

Two certified lighting technicians are responsible for the latest state of the art calculation according to valid norms.

Product delivery

The products of well-known manufacturers of Germany, France and Great Britain, United States, Australia form the base of our sales program.Brands like NORKA have more than 60 years of experience in luminaire construction.

We accomplished a close partnership with our general representations from which our customers benefit.


In order to maintain the proper condition of an emergency lighting system for the entire service life, the ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8002 prescribes the annual maintenance of the installations by certified personnel.

A team of specially trained technicians for emergency lighting systems is available for you 365 days a week.We offer the maintenance for all well-known manufacturers!

Foto von Ing. Herbert Sautner

Ing. Herbert Sautner

Managing directors

Foto von DI(FH) Alexander Sautner

DI(FH) Alexander Sautner

Managing directors

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Andrea Sautner

Marketing | Service coordination

Foto von Hannes Moser

Hannes Moser


Foto von Lars Engelhard

Lars Engelhard

Exportmanager DE

Foto von Gerhard Strasser

Gerhard Strasser


Foto von Ing. Michael Fellner

Ing. Michael Fellner


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Stefanie Stegmann

Order Processing


Family business with tradition: LKD Licht Kommunal Digital GmbH is a long existing tradition house, which deals with high-quality lighting.

Focuses are luminaires of high and highest protection class for industrial, underwater, security, T-Bar and public lighting. The company was founded more than 40 years ago by Mr. Gustav Schratzer and was taken over by Sautner Holding GmbH in 2008.

With the takover, the partner portfolio was consolidated. On June 26, 2014 we celebrated the opening of the new company building in Munich’s Bundesstraße together with our suppliers, customers and partners.

Delivery partners from Germany, France and England guarantee products and solutions of the highest quality standard. In addition to the lighting portfolio, lighting control as well as service and maintainance of lighting systems complete the overall range.