Öffentliche Beleuchtung


SONATA was first conceived for mounting as a facade lighting and composed as a light and discreet score. Its unobtrusive and elegant line discreetly blends into various urban contexts. SONATA is excellent for narrow streets; mounted as wall lighting, SONATA does not obstruct the passage of pedestrians and illuminates stretches up to 9 meters long. SONATA is equipped with an integrated connection housing and a reversible base that adapts to the different connection systems, avoiding unsightly electrical connectionsOptionally, the top of SONATA includesa module for backlighting facades, which can be controlled by an astronomical clock if necessary, with the aim of complying with regulations on night lighting shutdown without requiring double wiring. The SONATA luminaire is also suitable for mounting on the pole through an original suspension that extends the pole, as a top mounting of 1 to 3 luminaires mounted one above the other.